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Groom’s Guide To Finding the Perfect Wedding Suit

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

She said “Yes,” and the wedding bells were ringing. The time has come to plan a memorable wedding for you and your bride-to-be. All the other planning will be taken care of, but looking your best should be your primary focus.

While your bride may want to plan the wedding her way, with your help, you have all the time to choose your outfit. The most crucial decision of choosing a groomsmen suits in Chaweng lies in your hands, so read this complete guide for a hassle-free choice.

When To Start Planning For Your Wedding Suit?

Planning your groom's wear, bridal dress, and bridesmaid outfit should be done well in advance. You should remember your inspirations and style your business in the best possible way for your big day. Your outfit timeline should be flexible as last-minute alterations are mandated due to the weight loss of the groom and bride.

Wedding Suit

If you are going to rent or purchase an outfit, you need to be open to options and start searching for that perfect fit at least 2 to 3 months in advance. You need to book an appointment, search early and look for opportunities at various stores before choosing one. However, all this hassle can be avoided if you customize your outfit as per your choice.

5-Tips To Tailor-Make Your Outfit:

It is a good choice if you have decided to customize your outfit. As a tailor making your outfit gives you various freedom. Like choosing a color, choosing a pattern, and curating your business how you want it. So, here are five tips that will help you tailor-make your outfit better.

Make It Your Style:

What is the point of a wedding suit if it does not define your style? So, customize an outfit that suits you the best. You can style your business by keeping in mind the wedding weather. You can go for a shirt that acts as a supporting role by enhancing the suit, or it can stand alone and be the outfit's centerpiece.

Pick a white, black, or beige shirt and complement a tuxedo or suit as per the shirt. It will ensure you are comfortable and look your best in your wedding suit. For spring/summer weddings, choose a lightweight, 100% cotton poplin fabric plain or with magnificent stripes in white, as it is perfect for the seasonal weather.

For beachside weddings, go for cotton or linen, as both are excellent choices. Linen shirts give you a relaxed wedding vibe, whereas a cotton and linen blend can enhance your suit and turn it into a summer suit.

A little heavy wedding suit like a dobby will be a perfect fit For autumn-winter weddings, as it is more wrinkle-resistant and will make you look dapper on your special day. The collar of your wedding shirt should preferably be cutaway or straight-pointed; the cuff should be a double (french) cuff.

Ditch The Classic:

Everybody wears classic wedding suits in solid colors like blue, black and grey. The classics can never run out of style so you can wear the classic hues on other occasions.

However, your wedding occasion deserves you to walk the extra mile for wedding fit. So, ditch the classics and experiment with different styles and hues.

Go for magenta or wine color, or dress all white. Choose a hue that suits you the best. Also, remember that you can go for pastels and subtle colors too. Wear a vest, tuxedo, or blazer, whatever you feel comfortable in.

Curate According To Your Venue:

The location of your wedding plays a vital role. While customizing your wedding suit, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your wedding fit and not enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime moment. So be careful and give clear instructions to your tailor about the perfect fabric that suits the occasion.

The timing of your wedding is also a factor to make note of. If the wedding is late in the evening, you want to wear a cozy suit to keep warm during the ceremony and after the party.

If The joyous occasion calls for light, breezy fabrics, keep in mind to skip the dark wool tuxedos and suits if you think the location is exotic.

It's crucial to appear stylish and maintain composure for a seaside wedding, but you must strike the appropriate balance. Fabrics are essential since you want to be casually elegant as it is a special day. Men's suits with a wool and silk or linen combination have a sophisticated feel that suits them for formal occasions.

Keep It Contemporary:

The contemporary look with a peak lapel would be ideal for your wedding venue. The peak lapel's borders point upward and towards your shoulder region. Appropriate to wear in a formal setting. Notch lapels are a good option to avoid the casual look and look outstanding on your wedding day.

Finally, we recommend the jetted pockets for your wedding suit jacket. The pouch hangs within a jetted pocket, a split in the jacket front. On the other hand, you might choose flap pockets for a casual suit jacket.

Keep the length of the trousers up to your ankle to give it a sleek look. Customize your pants without cuffs, as cuffs seem too informal for a wedding occasion.

A well-fitted trouser with a belt loop seems perfect for the wedding occasion. Avoid wearing pleated trousers as they do not give a chic look.

Match With The Bride:

Nothing can be more magical than wearing a matching outfit on your wedding day. You can customize the same fabric outfits matching the same hues and curate an outfit that celebrates your love.

Your bride would love the idea of matching an outfit, but if you still don’t agree with the opinion, you can wear complementary outfits. Choose hues that complement the other.

This way, you can make an outfit that will help you create magical portraits of your wedding days. You have to look your best on your wedding day but don’t forget the memories of your wedding will be the pictures. So, customize your groom's wear and bridal outfit accordingly.

Also, your bridesmaid will appreciate your thoughtful suggestion of customizing their bridesmaid outfits. So, make sure you tell them that.

Happy Wedding!

We are pleased about your wedding and will do our best to curate your outfits how you desire them. Connect with Paul’s Fashion Samui in Chaweng and get your tux and groomsmen’s suits customized for the wedding of your dreams!


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