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Tailored Bridesmaid Dresses To Steal The Show

First of all, congratulations because either you or one of your best friends is finally getting hitched!

Tailored Bridesmaid Dresses

As it is said, “With great power comes great Responsibility”, and what can be a greater responsibility than selecting stunning bridesmaid dresses?

That tension mingled with the excitement can be sensed from afar but don’t worry, we got your back. Let us dive into this article to sway all of your concerns regarding how to choose perfect tailored bridesmaid dresses in Samui or anywhere around the globe and what should be kept in mind before purchasing one.

Buying The Perfect Tailored Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses play a significant role in enhancing the wedding theme. Let’s face it – choosing bridesmaid dresses that fit everyone’s budget and complement each bridesmaid’s style seems like a beast of a task. Well, it might be, but plenty of people have done it before, and so can you. The following tips might help you in your journey to choose your dreamy bridesmaid outfit.

A Fit that Flatters

The fit of the dress can entirely change how the bridesmaids feel and look on the wedding day. Tailored bridesmaid dresses are perfect as they are custom-made to fit each individual’s body shape and size flawlessly. With tailored dresses, bridesmaids can confidently radiate their bright smiles, knowing their clothing is uniquely crafted for their flattering figure. A perfect fitting can transform the entire look of the dress.

If you are in Koh Samui, you don’t need to worry about your flawless bridesmaid dresses as you have the best tailor in the town.

Colors to Coordinate

Colors have the power to set the mood and tone of the wedding. Choosing the color that coordinates with the entire theme of the wedding is an essential part. It should also blend well with the bride’s dress and complement the season.

Deep Sea, Dusty Rose, Dusty Blue, Silver Sage, and Lavender are some of the most trending bridesmaids' dress colors 2023.

Dress Style

Bridesmaid dresses come in many different styles, and picking the right one can be daunting and fun, but you must invest time in selecting the right one.

all tailored Dress Style

You can choose between different styles according to your style and body type. Some common kinds of bridesmaid dresses include:

  • Maxi Dress

  • Wrap Dress

  • A-line Dress

  • Asymmetrical Dress

  • Bodycon Dress

Fabric and Prints

The fabric choice depends a lot on the season and weather. For example, a heavy velvet or brocade dress would be a wrong choice for summer weddings but perfect for winter. Similarly, tropical prints would seem out of line in the winter. Therefore, it is crucial to choose weather-appropriate fabric, and prints are critical for the comfort and overall feel of your bridesmaid outfit.


The length of the bridesmaid outfits depends upon the season as well as the venue of the wedding. You can choose the desired length – high, low, or asymmetrical, according to your requirement while opting for tailored bridesmaid dresses. There’s no hard and fast rule for how long or short a dress should be, but it is essential to consider this factor before going to the tailor in Koh Samui or anywhere else around the globe. Deciding the length of your dress can further help to determine the style and make your choices easier.

Buying bridesmaid dresses can undoubtedly be a stressful task. But when you have time, experiment as much as you want to align your dress with your style. Most importantly, experiment with different prints, colors, and textures early.

Preparing for The Bridesmaid Fitting

Once the bride’s squad has chosen the style, color, fabric, and length, the next step is to enter those bridesmaid fittings and make your bridesmaid dress look even better than you imagined. There are a few factors that have to be taken into consideration while going for a bridesmaid dress fitting.

Wear Proper Undergarments

It is utterly vital for bridesmaids to wear the proper undergarments on the day of the fitting and trials. You must consider wearing the same style of underpants that you plan to wear on the wedding day. Besides that, you must carry different bra options, especially a strapless version, and neutral colors to see and make sure which one works best for your bridesmaid dress.

Appropriate Footwear

Well, this one is a no-brainer! You don’t want to pull up to a Koh Samui tailor in your flip-flops. Appropriate footwear is essential to get the proper fitting for D-day. Therefore, you should also carry footwear with a heel similar to those you plan to wear on the wedding day.

Doing so will determine the length of your dress and help the tailor determine if extra hemming needs to be done or if the extra fabric needs to be added to increase the size.

Neutral Makeup

Dress fittings can sometimes feel overwhelming, but makeup can give you the extra boost of confidence that you require. It can enhance the overall look and experience of your bridesmaid fittings. You will certainly not love the dress if you just roll out of bed and show up. You can apply mild blush and nude lipstick to attend your fittings.

Hair Accessories

You can carry hair accessories like a tie band or a hair clutch. This can help you get a clear idea of your dress's neckline and back.


Buying bridesmaids' dresses will undoubtedly be a fun, entertaining, and memorable experience for you and your best friends. You can follow the tips mentioned above to achieve a flawless fit and a stunning style for your bridesmaid dress that will leave everyone in awe.

With Paul's, finding and selecting the perfect tailored bridesmaid dresses in Samui has become easy. Whether it's a cinched waistline, a perfectly tailored bodice, or a flowing skirt, the personalized fit of a tailored bridesmaid dress guarantees a stunning look for the entire bridal party.

Shop and celebrate with the newly wedded couple, and do not forget to sing these lines at the wedding.

Cheers to the bridesmaids, the stars of the show,

May their beauty, love, and friendship continue to grow!


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