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Men's Suit Accessories to Add Style to Wardrobe

A well-tailored suit from the best men's suit shop in Koh Samui can become a cornerstone of a man's wardrobe, exuding class, confidence, and style. However, the true magic of a suit often lies in the details—those carefully chosen accessories that complete the look and elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this blog, you can explore the role of accessories that enhance a suit and offer invaluable style tips for coordinating these elements to perfection

Ties: The Centerpiece of Elegance

One of the most valuable items for improving a suit is the tie. It highlights the face, harmonizes with the colour and pattern of the suit, and gives room for individual expression. The following are some considerations for ties:

Colour Coordination

The tie should complement the colour of the outfit. You can select a tie that is lighter or darker than the suit for a more traditional appearance. Contrasting hues can also look good as long as they complement one another.

Pattern Play

When choosing a tie, take into account the pattern of the suit. A patterned tie looks exquisite with a solid suit, while a solid suit goes well with a patterned tie. When mixing patterns, make sure the scales are different (for instance, a little checkered tie with a plaid suit).

Fabric Matters

Select the cloth for the tie with care. While wool or knit ties offer a more relaxed, textured style, silk ties are adaptable and appropriate for the majority of events. A matte-finished silk tie can produce a chic contrast.

Knot Selection

The appearance of the tie can vary depending on the knot used. The Windsor and Half-Windsor knots are popular because they produce a balanced and symmetrical appearance. On the other hand, the four-in-hand knot is more subtle.

Pocket Squares: A Dash of Panache

A pocket square is a little but effective accent that gives a suit a dash of character and refinement. It should provide a modest contrast and go well with the tie. How to match pocket squares is as follows:

Color Harmony

The pocket square and the tie should go well together. It can have colours that complement the hues of the tie or be in the same colour family. It should not, however, be an exact match to the tie.

Pattern and Folds

Patterns for pocket squares include solids, polka dots, and paisley. Whether it's a straightforward square, puff, or the more complex presidential fold, pick a pattern that goes well with the suit and tie, and choose a fold that matches your style.

Material Variety

A classic option that offers a sophisticated appearance is pocket squares made of silk. Pocket squares of cotton and linen are ideal for a more laid-back summertime vibe. When choosing the fabric for the pocket square, consider the suit's fabric.

Men's Suits

Cufflinks: A Glimpse of Luxury

Not only are cufflinks useful, but they also represent elegance and wealth. They provide you with the option to add personality to your attire. The best way to choose and match cufflinks is as follows:

Metal Matching

The metal of your cufflinks should match other accessories, such as your watch, belt buckle, or tie clip. Common metals include silver, gold, and rose gold.

Theme and Style

There are many cufflinks, from traditional and subtle to eccentric and unusual. Select a look that fits both the occasion and your personality. Unique cufflinks can spark conversation, while classic styles reflect enduring elegance.

Shirt Selection

Not every shirt is made to accommodate cufflinks. While barrel cuff shirts have buttons, French cuff shirts feature cufflink holes. Make sure the cufflinks fit through the buttonholes on your shirt and choose comfortable cufflinks.

Shoes: The Foundation of Style with Men's Suit

The basis of your entire appearance is the pair of shoes you choose. They should complement the suit in formality, colour, and style. Following are some tips for matching shoes with a suit:

Colour Coordination

Your shoe colour should complement the formality and hue of your suit. Black, grey, or navy suits look great with classic black shoes. Although they are adaptable and go with many different suit colours, brown shoes are typically less formal.

Style Selection

Shoe designs vary according to the event. Derbys and loafers provide a more laid-back, informal look, while oxfords are formal and perfect for professional settings. Take the event's formality into account while selecting your shoe style.

Sock Integration

The difference between your shoes and suit can be filled with your choice of socks. Choose socks that complement the colour of your suit, or go with a complementing hue that goes well with your pocket square or tie. Keep your contrasts subtle.

Quality Matters

Invest in a fine pair of polished shoes. They are more enduring and comfortable in addition to looking nicer. Regular shoe maintenance, such as polishing, is crucial to maintaining their finest appearance.

Additional Tips for Coordination

Balance is Key

You must ensure that the accessories you use create a sense of balance and cohesion within your outfit. There should not be any single element that overpowers the others.

Less is More

Don't overdo it with accessories. A suit can be enhanced with a few well-chosen pieces—avoid cluttering your look with too many extras.

Personal Style

Your accessories should reflect your style. Whether you consider a classic, minimalist, or bold look, your choice of accessories should align with your taste.


When selecting your accessories, you should consider the formality of the event or occasion. If the event is more formal, that calls for more subdued accessories, while casual occasions allow for more creativity.

Experiment and Have Fun

Don't be afraid to experiment with ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and shoes. You can visit the best tailor shop in Koh Samui and get some help from them as they have proper knowledge about these things and will give you some great ideas. It is an opportunity to showcase your personality and style.


These timeless men's suit accents are ideal for giving your fitted appearance more flair. There is an item to suit every taste and situation, whether you choose a straightforward, traditional look or a bolder, more individual statement.

Remember to focus on the little things the next time you dress up; sometimes, the little things can have the biggest effects.


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