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How to Care for Your Custom-Made Men's Suit to Keep It Looking Great

When it comes to dressing for fashion, style, and success, a bespoke custom-made suit is something that men would go for. Custom-made suits give you a refined and modern look that you can easily pull off on every occasion. Thus, it is a long-term investment that you need to take good care of.
You will find a variety of fabrics and stitches in the market, but even a premium suit requires maintenance. In this blog, we will discuss a few important tips that will extend the life of your tailored suits.
Let’s begin!

Maintenance Tips for Custom-Made Suits

Always Steam Your Tailored Suit
Avoid frequent trips to dry cleaners as the harmful chemicals might ruin the suit fabric in the long run. Make sure to steam the garment instead of ironing it to eliminate any wrinkles and steaming will bring it back to life and keep it crisp.

Use Quality Suit Brush
We would recommend you invest in a quality suit brush to get rid of any dust, lint, or dirt accumulated over a long time. Make sure you use a soft brush with bristles made of natural fibers that help lock in any lint, dust, or dirt and lift the look of the suit. Hang the garment properly, keep it unbuttoned, and brush in a downward motion.
Apart from this, you can also use a lint remover, either manual or electric to remove the excess lint and keep the garment clean.

Use Right Hanger
Use wide hangers to hang your suits so the shoulders would take the natural shape. On the other hand, a narrow hanger will cause stress on the shoulder seams, which may distort the shape of the garment. Moreover, use wood hangers specifically cedar wood hangers that will absorb the moisture or odor and keep the suit smelling fresh.

Store Your Suits Properly
Hang your suits properly and keep them in an airy place where the garment can breathe. Never pack it in airtight garment bags or suit covers as it can cause molds and moths eating up the premium fabric. In case you are storing the suit in a suit cover or airtight bag, make sure you leave the zip open, leaving the room for some air.

Pack it Properly When In Transit
We recommend packing it in a suit cover or a garment bag when in transit or while traveling. It will help keep the shape of the suit intact and in ready to wear condition. Moreover, it also avoids damages caused by rubbing against other pieces. Make sure that you use a breathable garment fabric to avoid any growth of mold and mildew.

Remove Stains to Spruce it Up
If your suit is stained try steaming, which is the best option. However, there are different ways to remove various stains. First, remove with a washcloth or water and avoid scrubbing as it furthers sets in the stain. Second, you can use any stain removing products on the interior instead of using it directly on the exterior as it doesn’t destroy the natural fabric.

Refer to the table for treating common stains-

Stain Type


Coffee/Red Wine

White vinegar

White wine

Cold water


Dry Cleaning Agent

Food stains

Detergent and White vinegar


White vinegar


Lemon juice


White vinegar

Use the tips shared above to keep your custom-made suits looking fresh and new for years. Stay stylish, sophisticated, and keep others impressed with your dapper looks. We hope you liked the blog, for more interesting posts, stay tuned with us. If you need more assistance on how to care for your tailor-made men’s suits and garments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paul Fashion Samui.

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