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FAQ / Process

  • How long time does it take 1 suit ?
    However, it takes at least 3 fittings to get all the clothes to get perfectly fitted. If you would have 3 days, it is perfect. The longer time you have, the better it is for everyone.
  • Can you come to do all measurements, fittings at our hotels, resort or villas ?
    Yes, we provide exclusive services to our customers. But we would like to recommend you to come to the shop to choose from wider range of materials, styles perspective rather than choosing from small fabric swatches. After that, we are delighted to organize the fittings and delivery at your hotel or villa within Koh Samui island.
  • Do you have free pick up and delivery service within island?
    Absolutely yes. Please send us message in WhatsApp @ +66846273812.
  • What guarantee do we get to gain our confidence with your services and products ?
    We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for any particular purchase. If anything goes wrong because of millions of reasons, It will be us taking care of the lost. Customers never loose any amount of money if they are not satisfied.
  • What kind of fabric do you use for your suits?
    Only premium quality fabrics! Our suiting fabrics run the gamut of 100% Australian Merino Wool, Wool / Linen blends, and Wool / Cashmere blends. All of our suits are made with Japanese Bemberg inner lining, the lining fabric of choice for luxury suits. Learn more about the quality of our products here.
  • What are the differences between your fit options? Which one is right for me?
    For a more modern look, Slim Fit or Tailored Fit will work best for most guys. For a more classic look, Standard Fit is the way to go. If you re still not sure, email us.
  • Can you guys make clothes for bigger guys?
    Of course! As long as we have your measurements, we'll make you something that's both stylish and comfortable, regardless of your size. After all, that's the beauty of custom.
  • Do you make clothes for kids?
    Yes, we provide clothes for men, ladies, kids for business wear, casual wear, formal wear.
  • Do you have special packages?
    Yes, We have special packages,. The packages discount starts from 8% discount until up to 25% discount according to package sizes.
  • Can I order again in future from home ?
    Yes. This is the purpose of our business to gain more internationally. We keep the measurements of our clients WHICH FITTED PERFECTLY for 4 years. If you would like to order again, you would have to give us the references during your latest visited at our shop.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    We ship to most countries in the world!
  • I'd like to see a particular fabric in person. Can you send me fabric swatches?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to send you any swatches in the mail. However, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions about our fabrics and how they may look, feel or perform. In addition to email and live chat, you can also schedule a Virtual Style Consultation if you wish to get one on one guidance from one of our expert stylists about selecting a fabric and designing a suit.
  • I'm concerned that my measurements won't be correct. Should I get measured at a professional tailor?
    We know that getting your own measurements taken may seem daunting, but with the help of a friend and our measurement guide, it's actually quite easy and fun. So, there's no need to get measured at a professional tailor. Furthermore, we review every customer's measurements thoroughly to ensure that nothing seems off. If something does, we'll reach out and ask you to re-measure particular areas. No matter what, we've got you covered.
  • What I ordered doesn't seem to fit right, what should I do?
    Don't worry! Just send us a message letting us know what the issues are. We'll ask for some photos of you and once we have them, we'll provide an objective second opinion on how your garment fits. Remember, when you look good, we look good. We're on the same team, so rest assured that we'll work with you to make sure you're 100% happy with your custom clothes.
  • If you have friends and family members want to order online from you, What should I know?
    That you're not alone! We know that taking your measurements and choosing customization options may seem daunting to a first-timer but don't worry, we're here to guide you each and every step of the way. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to us
  • Can you copy the fit of an existing suit that I have?
    Absolutely yes.If you are concerned about the measurements which might go wrong, this is the best options for ordering from home.
  • Do you provide any package deals/discounts?
    Yes, We always have special packages offers to our customers.please contact us via mail or WhatsApp, we will provide most suitable packages for you.
  • What are payments options available ?
    1. Direct Bank Transfer 2. PayPal 3. Bitcoin 4. Ethereum
  • Can I order again in future from home ?
    Yes. This is the purpose of our business to gain more internationally. We keep the measurements of our clients WHICH FITTED PERFECTLY for 4 years. If you would like to order again, you would have to give us the references during your latest visited at our shop.


True artistry is at the heart of every garment we make. Each garment is fully executed in our own workshop by a single master tailor. This commitment to craft is virtually unheard of in today’s world of mass manufacturing, but the difference it makes is undeniable, putting us in a league of our own among custom clothiers.


Browse through our lookbook, collection of fabrics, or other sources to get inspiration of what garments or style you want. Save some images for references and note down all personalization requests. When getting in touch with us, feel free to share with us your references.


Watch our measurement videos, follow the instructions, and simply fill in the measurement form. Once you submit your measurements to us, please fill out to order form where you will be able to inform us in more detail about the garments you want us to tailor.


Our team of experienced tailors will cross-check the submitted measurements and requirements indicated in the order form and will be in touch with you to confirm your details and requirements along with informing you on costs. Upon agreement, please complete the payment form and the sewing process will begin!


Once the sewing work and quality control has been completed, we will dispatch your order for delivery. The turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks unless you opt for express delivery.

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